Lance HenriksenThere are a few actors that will turn up in as much stuff as possible, and out of those few there’s even fewer whose presence is always welcome. One of those stars is Lance Henriksen, a man best known for his 1980s turns in James Cameron films such as THE TERMINATOR and ALIENS, as well as starring in more recent films such as THE DOG WHO SAVED HALLOWEEN. Well, the respected star of just about anything he can lay his hands on is to star in  supernatural thriller NEVERMORE, directed by Dean C. Jones.

The film sees a couple moving to a new area and experiencing paranormal activity involving dead children. Henriksen plays the suspicious priest the couple turns to in their time of need, only to discover he may know more than he;s letting on. Henriksen will be joined by actors Jason Cook and Valerie Azlynn. It’s always such a pleasure to see (or just hear) Lance Henriksen in any roles, especially his recent vocal work in TRON: UPRISING.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter