taylor-kitsch-8Unluckiest attempt at becoming a leading man would have to fall to Taylor Kitsch. The FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS star hit the big screen in two leading roles last year, JOHN CARTER and BATTLESHIP. Each one failed to make a big dent at the box-office, and they were both assassinated by the majority of critics. But that doesn’t mean Kitsch is giving up. He’s jumping on board a serial killer thriller courtesy of Mandalay Vision.

The film titled EXIT 147, is scripted by Travis Milloy, the man behind space set horror PANDORUM. Julian Jarrold will direct, which will add to his varied career which includes films such as the recent made for TV Hitchcock film THE GIRL, the British comedy KINKY BOOTS, and the first part of the stunning RED RIDING trilogy. Kitsch will play a small town sheriff who holds a man on a road trip against his will.

Source: Bloody Disgusting