Tax-dodging actor Wesley Snipes is only months away from freedom following a four year stint in the slammer, yet, already has a film due this year! Granted, the majority of his supernatural western, GALLOWWALKERS, was shot in 2008 before his incarceration but we’ll finally see if the film up there with BLADE and BLADE II, or if it sinks faster than crapfest, BLADE: TRINITY. It’s unsure if the makers have awaited his release to complete scenes or if they’ve just delayed the release in order for him to publicly promote the film.

Directed by Brit Andrew Goth, GALLOWWALKERS sees Snipes as a cursed gunman, whose finds all his victims have been resurrected to form an undead legion intent on having their revenge. He then recruits a young protege warrior to help in the fight against the horde of zombies.

We recently brought you the first official poster (along with a very early trailer), a few weeks ago but we now have the brand new trailer for the film co-starring Patrick Bergin, Kevin Howarth, Riley Smith, Tanit Phoenix and Dallas Page.

Source: VMI