Here are two clips and a trailer for BATES MOTEL, the new reboot of Hitchcock’s PSYCHO.

We know, we know. The words ‘PSYCHO’ and ‘re-boot’ may cause many to run for the hills, particularly after Gus Van Sant’s notorious attempt to breath new life into the film. But there has always been a lust for more, let us not forget that there were three official sequels, all of which starred the original Norman Bates, Anthony Perkins.

And you know what? BATES MOTEL looks pretty good. It’s a prequel which stars Freddie Highmore (Charlie from Tim Burton’s CHOCOLATE FACTORY) as the young Norman and Vera Farmiga (UP IN THE AIR, SOURCE CODE) as his very very loving mother Norma. The show has gone all CASINO ROYALE, in that it’s set before the original film, but in the present day, hence the appearance of an iPhone and casual use of the word ‘awesome.’ And like Daniel Craig’s casting as James Bond, the programme has divided fans into two distinct camps; the ‘This is a travesty! Blasphemy!’ mob and the ‘Well, it could be pretty good, let’s give it a go, eh?’ crew. We at THN are in the latter and are looking forward to seeing what executive producer Carlton Cuse (LOST) has up his bloody sleeves.

Here are the clips and the new extended trailer, including Norman and his mother acting very coupley indeed. Honestly, looking at Norma Bates here, you would think she wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Source: Bleeding Cool