Daughter of John Cassavetes and sister of Nick Cassavetes, Xan Cassavetes, arrives with her first feature length film this year. KISS OF THE DAMNED may be another vampire film, a genre which many would accuse of being played out, but for every TWILIGHT there’s also a gem such as LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, THIRST, or WE ARE THE NIGHT. KISS OF THE DAMNED looks to be a sexually charged, violent thriller, which is what a vampire film should be. The film sees a vampire and a screenwriter fall in love (or is it lust?) with there happy existence disturbed by the arrival of the vampire’s sister. I liked the ambience and old-skool feel the trailer presents, but will the performances live up to the material? We’ll find out soon.

KISS OF THE DAMNED is released On Demand on 28th March with a limited theatrical run following in the US on 3rd May. It stars Josephine De La Baume, Roxane Mesquida, and Milo Ventimiglia.

Source: Yahoo!