Gary K. Wolf, the writer and creator of groundbreaking classic, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, has confirmed via his official website, that Walt Disney Studios is moving forward with a new 3D animated/live-action project, which will see the return of his loveable lisping bunny.

The project will see Walt Disney’s still-beloved character Mickey Mouse and the wacky Roger Rabbit appear together in a remake of the 1952 comedy, THE STOOGE. It’s most probably the closest we’ll get to a sequel to Robert Zemekis’ 1988 classic, comic-noir (which starred Bob Hoskins), for the foreseeable future.

Both the cartoon characters will take on the roles originated by the iconic collaborating duo, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, which told the story a Broadway performer who finds success with a new act, although (much like their Martin and Lewis’ on-screen partnership), it is mainly because his “stooge” captures most of the limelight. Mickey Mouse will play the Dean Martin character, with Roger Rabbit playing Jerry Lewis’ stooge role.

Disney and Pixar are currently putting plans together but we’re unsure if this will be a short film or an actual feature-length effort. There is still also no word on potential casting but the script is said to include appearances from Walt Disney and Orsen Welles in some capacity. Fingers crossed the excellent Charles Fleischer is also back to voice Roger, who was last seen in a menacing role in David Fincher’s ZODIAC.

Check out this exciting promo artwork.

The Stooge Poster

Source: Gary K. Wolfe