I kinda loved the absurd concept behind Scott Stewart’s LEGION, which is certainly one of the most enjoyable guilty pleasure pics of recent times. The same can’t be said for Stewart’s follow-up, PRIEST, which was disappointing in the fact that it took itself too seriously. However, the visual-effects maestro-turned-writer and director will soon be back with an all-new science-fiction chiller, which has an altogether more sombre tone.

DARK SKIES stars MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III’s Keri Russell and ALIVE’s Josh Hamilton as the parents of two young boys, living a regular suburban lifestyle, who soon find themselves singled out by unknown forces  intent on making the family their human puppets.

The first trailer and poster suggested some decent chills ahead. Following this weeks earlier poster, clips and television spots, we have a further three new poster designs, which include the UK quad and the US one-sheet. DARK SKIES hits the US on 22nd February, while the UK must wait until 5th April.




Source: Moviefonekinopoisk, Empire

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