‘Montana’ From British Director Mo Ali Officially Kicks Off Shooting In London

‘Montana’ From British Director Mo Ali Officially Kicks Off Shooting In London



The main aim of this website is to big up, natter about and spread word about interesting movies across these pages no matter what the budget, big or small. I’ve heard great things about a movie named MONTANA since its director Mo Ali showed me some early art for the project well over a year ago following a gala screening. The film certainly fits into the ‘interesting’ category, and its one I’m really looking forward to catching, however, I’m going to have to wait a little while though as principal photography literally kicked off in London today.

The film is described as a high octane tale of betrayal, redemption and honour, charting the unlikely bond between a streetwise teenage drugs courier Montana (McKell David) and Dimitrije (Lars Mikkelsen) a Serbian ex-commando who is hell-bent on revenge against Montana’s boss, Lazlo a gangster and drug lord and his nemesis from the Balkan conflict.

Ali describes the film as a homage to Luc Besson’s iconic LEON as well as giving a nod to films such as THE KARATE KID.

MONTANA will also star Ashley Walters (SKET, BULLET BOY) , Adam Deacon (KIDULTHOOD, ADULTHOOD), Brad Moore (BEST LAID PLANS), Zlatko Buric (last year’s PUSHER remake) and Michelle Fairley (GAME OF THRONES).

The Daily Telegraph tipped Mo Ali as an emerging filmmaker to watch and described him as “…a walking, talking bag of positive energy”. Having met the man himself, I’ll certainly agree with all of that.

Shooting on MONTANA lasts for six weeks taking in locations all over London.

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