If you didn’t already know, this is the 50th Anniversary year for the BBC’s now cult-classic DOCTOR WHO, and as part of the celebrations they’re filming An Adventure In Time & Space, which recreates those early days with the first doctor, William Hartnell, and will basically set us all up from the beginning of the show in 1963 onto this classic episode The Dalek Invasion Of Earth which ran for six episodes in late 1964. Hartnell is being played by David Bradley and for full news on that announcement click here.

This was particularly iconic as it was one of the first times that Doctor Who had ventured beyond the studios and into very specific location shoots, and what an impact! They filmed across London from Westminster Bridge to Trafalgar Square, and now Mark Gatiss is part of the team recreating one of those shots this morning at Westminster with the original Dalek’s crossing the bridge. Check out the image here and also scroll down for a short video that pays a little homage to the first time:

Are you excited to see what this 50th year brings? I’m a big fan of Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who and although we also all loved RTD and what he did to bring the show back, Moffat’s writing is a lot more solid and brings a whole new audience to the show. Bring it on!

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Source: BBC/Mark Gatiss