We’re going a bit exorcism mad here today, what with this UK trailer for THE LAST EXORCISM PART II and the trailer for BEYOND THE HILLS being released today. THE LAST EXORCISM is the good possession found footage movie of the last few years, so I’m very happy to see it’s getting a sequel. It’s also great to see that it is abandoning the found footage format. Not because I dislike found footage (I bloomin’ LOVE it), but because it shows that the filmmakers have given consideration towards the best narrative structure to present their story. This sequel follows Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) trying to live a normal life after the events of the first film. Unfortunately youtube is a bitch, and the world she is feeling comfortable in discovers about her dark past.

THE LAST EXORCISM PART II is released 1st March in the US and 15th March in the UK. It stars Ashley Bell, Spencer Treat Clark, Andrew Sensenig, Judd Lormand, Julia Garner, and Muse Watson.

Source: Shock Till You Drop