Not content with a main role in the FAST & FURIOUS franchise, Paul Walker is certainly lining up some high-profile future projects. After we recently brought you news that he was to headline the big-screen reboot of HITMAN video-game, AGENT 47, we now can confirm a rumour that’s been floating around for months.

Walker will lead alongside free-running Frenchman David Belle in a US remake of jaw-dropping international actioner, DISTRICT 13 (aka BANLIEUE 13). The original, directed by TAKEN’s Pierre Morel, featured Belle as the imprisoned hero, Leïto, of a future-set Paris gutter neighbourhood, who teams up with equally skilled cop after ruthless mobsters steal a nuclear weapon. Well known stuntman and actor Cyril Raffaelli played his partner in both DISTRICT 13 and DISTRICT 13: ULTIMATUM, but we’ll now see Walker in that role, although it’s difficult to see Walker pulling off the incredible feats Raffaelli impressed with.

Creator Luc Besson‘s EuropaCorp will finance alongside Relativity Media with the project now re-titled BRICK MANSIONS. Editor Camille Delamarre, a protege of Besson, will make his directing debut with the film.

Source: Deadline