The gorgeous Ellen Page (a fact I alway feel uneasy about admitting after her cracking performance in David Slade’s gripping, paedophile thriller, HARD CANDY) is set to make her directorial debut with sweet-natured comedy-drama, MISS STEVENS. The film will come from a screenplay by Julia Hart, and has the focus on a depressed teacher who, while on a turbulent weekend trip to a state drama competition, recaptures her lust for life, self-worth and love of her profession.

SCARY MOVIE and THE DICTATOR’s Anna Faris, soon to be seen in Brit rom-com, I GIVE IT A YEAR, will take the lead. Shooting will commence once Page finishes work on Bryan Singer’s superhero sequel, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, in which she returns as mutant Kitty Pryde.

Source: Deadline