Like my dad would say to me, “what you listening to that shite for“, I have turned into the man that moans like hell at today’s popular music. I simply cannot bare to open my lugs for mainstream rubbish and remain committed to the likes of The Smiths, Tom Petty and David Bowie, as the day I first heard their epic tunes. I long for the days when the Top 40 was worth tuning into. Hell, I’d even settle for Russ Abbott belting out, ‘Oh, What An Atmosphere‘, over the shit we’re served nowadays.

This makes this news all the more exciting as we can confirm a biopic charting the creative collaboration between music icons Bowie and Iggy Pop in now in the works. Gabriel Range has signed on to direct LUST FOR LIFE, which we follow the friendship of the groundbreaking duo during their 1970s glam rock heyday.

The project has a script by Robin French, and had been adapted from Paul Trynka’s biographies ‘Starman’ and ‘Open Up and Bleed

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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