The Korean big hitters, Kim Jee Woon, Park Chan Wook, and Bong Joon Ho, may currently be working over in America,  but that doesn’t mean the talent is drying up back in their homeland. Today we have two new teaser trailers for upcoming thriller ANGER ETHICS and RUNNING MAN, as well as some posters and stills for Choi Min Sik starrer THE NEW WORLD.

ANGER ETHICS sees 4 men and a woman dragged into a murder case. Starring Lee Je Hoon (THE FRONT LINE) and Kim Tae Hoon (THE MAN FROM NOWHERE) the trailer makes this out to be a dark and gritty thriller which will probably keep us guessing.

Anger Ethics Poster

RUNNING MAN stars Shin Ha Kyun as a man who must, that’s right, go on the run when he is implicated in a murder. Shin is a tremendous actor, giving some damn fine performances in SYMPATHY FOR MR VENGEANCE, JSA, and SAVE THE GREEN PLANET.

Finally we have some stills and posters from THE NEW WORLD, an INFERNAL AFFAIRS style crime flick that sees a cop go under cover in a criminal organisation, only to become wrapped up in a fight for power after the death of the gang’s boss.

The New World Poster 1 The New World Poster 2 The New World Poster 3 The New World Poster 4 The New World Still 1 The New World Still 2 The New World Still 3 The New World Still 4

Hopefully these films, among others, will continue the great quality we’ve seen coming from Korea over the last decade. All these titles are set for release in South Korea this year, so let’s hope we’ll soon see some international distribution in the US and UK.

Source: HanCinema