THN's week on TV

Returning to work we’d all like a little something to look forward to, but worry not as we’ve got a guide to some of the best movies on TV this week:

Monday 28th January

BLUE VALENTINE – Film4 11:20pm

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams starring weepy BLUE VALENTINE may not be the happiest start to your week, but it’s bloody brilliant. Don’t believe me? Have a read of Paul’s review from 2011 here.

Tuesday 29th January


THE FUGITIVE is probably more famous for The Simpson’s parody than for being the blinding thriller it is. Harrison Ford (pre-dope) and Tommy Lee Jones put on a tremendous show as a man accused of killing his wife is trailed by a cop who may or may not believe he is innocent.

Wednesday 30th January


Tony Kaye’s neo-Nazi focused drama is horrible and heart-warming at the same time. It’s a confusing mix but open yourself up and there is much to enjoy. It also features Ed Norton’s career best performance, and definitely Edward Furlong’s!

Thursday 31st January


John Sturges westernised retelling of Akiro Kurisawa’s SEVEN SAMURAI features the greatest ensemble cast of all time, and a tremendous script. It might start late, but this is definitely one to show the kids.

Friday 1st February

JAWS – ITV4 9pm

Spielberg returned to the multiplex last week with LINCOLN but if like some you don’t like serious Spielberg JAWS is right up your street. Have a read of our review here, but don’t step in the water…

Saturday 2nd February

TOY STORY – ITV2 5:50pm

Pixar’s first feature is as bright and brilliant now as it was 18 years ago. Woody, Buzz etc. are introduced to us in a mesmerising tale of friendship and trust. Plus, for us adults it’s also bloody hilarious.

Sunday 3rd February


Serious Spielberg time, but if you’re going to go serious, you may as well go balls deep and SCHINDLER’S LIST is most definitely balls deep. Tragic, heroic and terrifying 20 years on SCHINDLER’S LIST is not to be missed.

One To Avoid!

LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS – Friday 1st February BBC1 11:25pm

Corden, Horne that is all.

Keep it THN for another WEEK ON TV next week.