James Franco is going to be a busy boy during 2013. Not only does he have upcoming roles in high-profile films, OZ: THE GREAT & POWERFUL, THE ICEMAN, SPRING BREAKERS and LOVELACE (the latter two of which have only this weekend screened at the Sundance Film Festival), but there are a number of exciting indie projects on the horizon also. Some of which he will – and has – juggled writing, starring and directing. These include AS I LAY DYING, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE and now, AMERICAN TABLOID.

The Oscar-nominee has confirmed he’ll direct and headline the adaptation of the critically-acclaimed 1995 novel by famed crime author James Ellroy. The book follows the lives of three corrupt law enforcement officers as they’re slowly drawn into the assassination and conspiracy of President John F. Kennedy, that involves the FBI, CIA, and Mafia connections.

We’ll keep you posted as the project develops but here’s what Franco has stated:

We’re going to do ‘American Tabloid’ by James Ellroy. It’s not all put together yet. It’s still early.

Source: MTV