Another week of movies await:

Monday 21st January


The King is dead; long live the King. As a mark of respect for the ultimate actor, Patrick Swayze, taken from us too young, sit down for DIRTY DANCING tonight and marvel as baby isn’t put in the corner, and a lady gets lifted above a mans head.

Tuesday 22nd January


M. Night Shyamalan directs his ‘difficult second film’ after THE SIXTH SENSE sent critics giddy. Not as tightly directed, but more entertaining, UNBREAKABLE features another great Bruce Willis performance and the ever dependable Samuel L. Jackson in support.

Wednesday 23rd January

CABARET – BBC1 00:25am

This film needs no introduction because the biggest reason to watch is Liza Minnelli. Before she sold her soul to ‘put a ring on it’ for SEX AND THE CITY 2, she was one of the great actresses, a must-cast for any musical. Now her face is as plastic as her hair looks in this.

Thursday 24th January

BRAVEHEART – Film4 9pm

But he’s anti-semetic I hear you scream. Yes, he is, and he’s a largely despicable man but you can’t take away the fact MEl Gibson’s BRAVEHEART action sequences and heart are breathtaking. It gets a bit tangled in the final act but is well worth a revisit.

Friday 25th January


Importantly not the convoluted REDUX, APOCALYPSE NOW still has the power to shock. It’s pompous, epic and dull in places but the study of Martin Sheen’s character is as fascinating now as it was 34 years ago.

Saturday 26th January

THE MATRIX – Five 9:45pm

Despite Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss’s best efforts THE MATRIX manages to remain tense and enjoyable. Hugo Weaving’s Mr Smith steals the show, managing to make the Wachowski’s horrible script tolerable with his monotonous delivery. Plus, bullet-time still rocks!

Sunday 27th January

TEEN WOLF – Five 12:40pm

Michael J. Fox as a wolf. If you’ve never seen it watch and enjoy, I know I will.

One To Avoid!

MONSTER IN LAW Film4 Friday 25th January 6:55pm

Horribly forced, abhorrently performed and just plain awful, MONSTER IN LAW is a good way to ruin a Friday night. So don’t get the girls around with a takeaway to watch this, just wait a few hours for APOCALYPSE NOW – we’re pretty sure the horror Brando speaks of relates to MONSTER IN LAW anyway.

We’ll be back next week with some recommendations of TV viewing.