inbetweeners usaCreators: Damon Beesley & Iain Morris

US Version Developer: Adam Copeland

Cast: Bubba Lewis, Mark L. Young, Zack Pearlman, Joey Pollari, Alex Frnka, Brett Gelman

Certificate: 15

Runtime: Approx. 240 minutes

The series follows four friends, the nerdy Will (Joey Pollari), the hopelessly in love Simon (Bubba Lewis), the constantly lying Jay (Zack Pearlman), and the dimwitted Neil (Mark L. Young) as they try to raise their High School social status and get themselves laid.

The US seems to have a fascination with remaking British shows and failing miserably. There are success stories, THE US OFFICE and SHAMELESS, however a lot of the time they last one season before silently being cancelled. Most recently it was MTV produced remake SKINS that got cut and THE INBETWEENERS USA didn’t fare any better when canceled in November.

The issue with most rehashes is they spend too much of the season replicating storylines from the UK version which, while setting up some fairly amusing situations for the gang, begs the question, why am I watching a recycled joke? The show barely registers a chuckle; the four leads are in typical US style ‘beautified’ (apart from Jay), and the camera/lighting set up is typical sitcom which takes off some of the charm. If the show has a saving grace it’s Brett Gelman as the sardonic principal Mr. Gilbert, the few laughs that the show brings are from his antics (and a rousing rendition of ‘Jessie’s Girl’ by Neil).

If there had been original material in THE INBETWEENERS USA instead of the copy-paste job it turned out to be, who knows it could’ve attracted a viewership strong enough for a second season. Sadly a reliance on British-humour has left another rehash floundering in the Atlantic.

Two Stars

 THE INBETWEENERS USA: SEASON ONE is out on DVD January 21st, 2013.