Robert Zemeckis has trashed talk about his involvement in a rumoured return for beloved character Roger Rabbit, in a sequel to his 1988 groundbreaking classic WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT. There has also been speculation that a reboot or remake of time-travelling family favourite, BACK TO THE FUTURE, was on the way, which the director also dismissed while promoting his latest movie – the Oscar-nominated drama FLIGHT.

Talking to Getty Image’s Entertainment Video team in London, he was asked about the projects, Zemeckis commented:
They are all internet BS except ROMANCING THE STONE. Probably. I know there are plans for them to remake that but I don’t know if they are actually doing it or not yet. That has nothing to do with me. The rest… it’s all… I don’t even know what it is.”
When he was asked if it was just “hopeful movie geek chatter” he laughed:
Yeah, exactly… that’s what it is.
Does this news make fans of the films happy? As always, we’d love to know!

Source: Getty