Another television legend has sadly been taken away from us this week, with news that Conrad Bain – known for his role as Mr Drummond in DIFF’RENT STROKES – has passed away aged 89.

Bain is known for his television roles, but it was his role as rich Manhattan man Phillip Drummond (the character who adopts the children of his late African American maid) that people will remember him for.

His daughter spoke about her father, comparing him to his famous role.

“He was a lot like Mr Drummond, but much more interesting in real life, he was an amazing father.”

Todd Bridges, who played Willis on the show,  also spoke about his death:

‘I am deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Conrad as we were looking forward to celebrating his 90th birthday next month. In addition to being a positive and supportive father figure both on and off-screen, Conrad was well-loved and made going to work each day enjoyable for all of us. He will be missed, but never forgotten.’

As well as DIFF’RENT STROKES, Bain also starred in MAUDE, A LOVELY WAY TO DIE and Woody Allen’s BANANAS.

Source: TMZ