OdysseyBeing in the public domain means that Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey is always ready for a new transfer. Well, it looks as though Warner Bros. want to spread their creative wings to set the story in space, can’t you just imagine it? It’s a nice idea and I’m sure the added 3D and IMAX will be a sight to behold, but it also just reminds me of TREASURE PLANET or BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS. Based on a pitch by Terry Douglas with a script by James DiLapo the film will be produced by Douglas, David Heyman, Jeff Clifford, and Paris Kasidokostas Latsis. The film will be seen as a potential franchise and will probably be Warner Bros.’ answer to Disney’s STAR WARS. I still can’t believe Warner Bros. didn’t adapt THE ODYSSEY as a sequel to TROY with Sean Bean continuing in the role. They missed a trick there.

Source: Deadline