The Michael Bay produced NINJA TURTLES is set to start filming in April with an eye on a 16th May, 2014 release date. TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesThat’s the same day as Warner Bros.’ Godzilla. Production will begin in the Turtles’ home of New York. The name change, which drops “Teenage” and “Mutant” from the title, isn’t the only thing that has caused controversy with the fans. It was revealed months ago that the Turtles would in fact be aliens. Director Johnathan Liebesman is on board to helm the picture, but that wont exactly set anyone’s fears aside as he is the director of films such as DARKNESS FALLS, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING, BATTLE LOS ANGELES and WRATH OF THE TITANS. Not exactly any shiners among them. Last March Bay tried putting his case forward:

Paramount marketing changed the name. They made the title simple. The characters you all remember are exactly the same, and yes they still act like teenagers. Everything you remember, why you liked the characters, is in the movie. This script is being developed by two very smart writers, with one of the original creators of Ninja Turtles. They care VERY MUCH about making this film for the fans. Everyone on this team cares about the fans. Just give them a chance. Jonathan the director, is a major fan of the whole franchise. HE’S NOT GOING TO LET YOU DOWN.

I’m very skeptical about the entire project but I’ll give the trailers a chance. However, releasing it on the same day as GODZILLA means it almost certainly wont be getting my money at the box-office.

Source: Production Weekly