A horror icon has recently been reborn in John Luessenhop’s grisly follow-up, TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D. The film is a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper’s malevolent and masterful 1974 flick, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, picking up hours after the genre classic before a modern setting takes us on a journey of more mayhem with the chainsaw-wielding maniac, Leatherface (Read our review HERE).

TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D has certainly been a surprise at the box-office, taking over $20 million in it’s first weekend alone on a budget of $8 million. However, it’s second week saw the film take a steep drop from the No. 1 spot, all the way to No. 8. Still, the film is well in profit and a sequel is expected early next year.

Check out this alternative concept art which was almost donned by our favourite human butcher, played by Dan Yeager in the new film currently in cinemas.


Source: Jerad MarantzCBM