Whether serving as writer, director or even both, any project that has Brian Helgeland’s name attached always gets me excited. His latest is no different with a sporting biopic based on the discovery and emergence of baseball legend Jack Robinson, titled 42 (the number on Robinson’s shirt) . Robinson was the first ever black player to grace the field as a professional in the Major Leagues, playing in the colours of the Brooklyn Dodgers during 1947-56, who had to struggle with racist elements and abuse in the game and of the times.

Helgeland returns as writer/director for the first time since 2003s THE ORDER (aka THE SIN EATER starring his late A KNIGHT’S TALE lead Heath Ledger), with 42 and features Harrison Ford as the scouting icon Branch Rickey, the man who discovered the baseball legends’ talent after spotting him play in the segregated ‘Negro Leagues’. Newcomer¬†Chadwick Boseman takes the role of Robinson.

Here is a new featurette from the fact-based film set for release in the US on the 12th April. A UK date is still awaiting confirmation. We’ve also added the trailer below, for those who missed it.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures