It feels an eternity since Gareth Edwards was confirmed as director on Legendary Pictures reboot of Japanese creature-feature, GODZILLA. Coming fresh off his acclaimed alien-invasion indie MONSTERS and hoping to wipe any memories of Roland Emmerich’s disaster, his test footage wowed the crowds at last years Comic-Con (as seen in the image above), yet not a single frame of the actual movie has been shot as a few stumbling blocks along the way haven’t helped. Edwards’ film is still scheduled for summer 2014 but doubts remain if he’ll be able to make the time frame. It’s also expected producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee will vacate the project this week.

Not helping matters is the fact that a new writer has come on-board to polish the script. It’s good news though, as that man is Frank Darabont. Coming from a background in horror after working on the likes of the best A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET sequel DREAM WARRIORS, as well as the fun 1988 remake of THE BLOB. Darabont found critical acclaim after writing and directing THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, THE GREEN MILE and criminally under-seen THE MIST, plus not forgetting masterminding the hit zombie series THE WALKING DEAD before his controversial departure during Season 2. The three-time Oscar-nominee was also responsible for a great screenplay for the fourth INDIANA JONES adventure before George Lucas decided to go in a different direction (we all know what happened there).

Hopefully this will finally lead to GODZILLA unleashing his wrath on the world in 2014.

Source: HitFix