2013 November and DecemberAnd so we come to the end of yet another year!  How was it for you? Hopefully 2013 will be a good ‘un, and judging by the films on offer, it may well be one that will go down in history as the greatest year for movies ever! Maybe.  But hey, wait a minute, looky here – there’s still two more months worth of movies to go! Let’s have a peek at what’s coming to brighten the dark autumn days of November and December:


THE HUNGER GAMES franchise returns for a second instalment on 22nd November with CATCHING FIRE, arguably the best novel of the three. Jennifer Lawrence returns, as do most of the Cast from film one (except the ones who, you know, died), whilst Phillip Seymour Hoffman joins the fun and frolics. I AM LEGEND director Francis Lawrence takes the helm, whilst Simon Beaufoy (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE) and Michael Ardnt (TOY STORY 3) are on scripting duties.  Here’s hoping there’s more blood and gore this time around, which was the only let down for me in the first movie.  Eagerly awaited by many, including me!


Anyone remember Mr Peabody and Sherman? No. Me neither! OK, tell a lie, I do remember them from the sublime SIMPSONS Treehouse of Horror VI cameo, but aside from that, not a clue!  However, by November 29th, everyone will know who they are, as cinemas UK wide will no doubt be filled to bursting point with countless back-to-back screenings of MR PEABODY AND SHERMAN, the story of a dog with a genius level IQ and a stupid kid who asks him lots of dumb questions. The USA gets an earlier look in on 1st November.  Oh joy!



Friday 13th December sees the release of the second instalment of Peter Jackson’s THE HOBBIT trilogy, THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG.  Word on the unofficial grapevine is that the film will cover much of Bilbo’s journey with the dwarves, leading up to and featuring the climatic confrontation with the titular dragon, before ending on a massive cliffhanger!  Easily the one movie I want to see more then anything right now, THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG cannot come soon enough!


Disney releases its latest animated endeavour on the 20th December – FROZEN.  Apparently a loose adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson classic THE SNOW QUEEN, the movie is directed by Chris Buck (TARZAN, SURF’S UP) and first time director Jennifer Lee, and features VERONICA MARS herself, Kristen Bell on voiceover duty.  Little else is known, though there’s some great concept art doing the rounds online, which makes one more then hopeful for another sure-fire Disney Classic!


The most eagerly awaited sequel of the year though finally arrives in UK cinemas on December 20th – ANCHORMAN 2!  Little is known regarding the plot so far, but the fact that this movie’s even happening is enough to keep us ANCHORMAN fans both anxious and excited. Will it be another case of a sequel too far?  Or will it be up to the superb standard set by the first film?  All I know is, it’s Jean Creaming Time!


And finally, to round off the year, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan returns in…erm…JACK RYAN.  Lazy title aside though, this Kenneth Branagh directed actioner sees the return of THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER’s Jack Ryan, this time played by Chris Pine.  Expect plenty of spies, terrorists, explosions and car chases.  The film is released here in the UK on Boxing Day, whilst the US get’s it a day early, on Christmas Day.  Only 352 days to go!!!

That concludes our 2013 preview. Remember that this is just a small percentage of what will actually hit your cinema screens this year, so keep your eyes on THN for news of all the other releases.