John Luessenhopp’s follow-up to Tobe Hooper’s macabre masterpiece, TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D, may have only had a few days to register at the US box-office (as well as early preview screenings here in the UK before its general release from the 9th January), but the gruesome horror (which you can read our review of HERE) is already at the top of the chart with an expected $20 million plus haul. That success on a film with relatively unknown talent involved and a budget of around $8 million can mean only one thing…

Yes, Lionsgate Films, who picked up the rights up after Platinum Dunes opted not to retain the franchise, have confirmed another ‘massacre’ is set for the big-screen.┬áThere is no word yet on a shooting/release date, potential plot and just how many survivors return from the slasher sequel but on the back of this expect more of the same. Rising stunner Alexandra Daddario has already commented that she’ll be more than happy to return. Word is Lionsgate acquired the rights to make 7(!) films in total to feature the deranged, cannibalistic killer.


Source: BloodyDisgusting