Director Bryan Singer is a bit ‘hit and miss’ amongst those of us here at THN. While there is know denying THE USUAL SUSPECTS was a superb piece of cinema, many believe his X-MEN franchise was not ‘all that’, and has yet to hit the heights of the devious Oscar-winning crime-thriller. I myself am a huge fan of the likes of APT PUPIL, X2 and even the much maligned SUPERMAN RETURNS and VALKYRIE, so whenever Singer’s name is attached to a project, it always grabs my attention.

Next up for Singer is JACK THE GIANT SLAYER, which seems to have had a troubled path to the big-screen. The forthcoming big-budget film was due early last summer before rumours of script rewrites, reshoots and the now slightly softer title change, led to a rescheduled release early 2013. Nicholas Hoult takes on the heroic role as the naive young Jack, who unwittingly unleashes a war with the giants of the skies when coming into possession of some magic beans. The recent trailer looked fun but some surprisingly ropey effects made it almost laughable at times.

Here we have the latest Argentinian poster which again suggests an overly ‘iffy’ cinematic style.


JACK THE GIANT SLAYER co-stars Ewan McGregor, Ian McShane, Bill Nighy, Stanley Tucci, Warwick Davis, Eddie Marsan, Eleanor Tomlinson and Ewen Bremner. It hits cinemas in the US on the 1st March and the 22nd March in the UK.

Source: Cine1