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It’s an exciting year for DOCTOR WHO fans, pure Whovians and everyone else as it’s been 50 years since the BBC’s iconic series begun on 23rd November, 1963. There’s been rumours of expected storylines, guest appearances and more for the second half of the series that begins this April and anything that the BBC have secretly planned beyond that.

So far, we once again have limited knowledge but we can officially announce that there will be 11 tales, or eshorts, and each is written by a well-known children’s author (Rumours from JK Rowling to the likes of Neil Gaiman). Because there is 11, it means each story will feature one of the various regenerations of the Doctor, starting with William Hartnell, who was the first Doctor between 1963-1966. They’ve also announced that a paperback will be published by Puffin in November. Keep an eye on their official Facebook page on Monday 7th January for an announcement of the first author, followed by the first story on Wednesday 23rd January. Juliet Matthews, of Penguin, had this to say:

“We are delighted to have 11 sensational children’s authors involved in the series, all bringing an individual style, imagination and interpretation to their eshort tribute to The Doctor. This is a who’s who of children’s fiction coming together to celebrate the much-loved Doctor Who.”

DOCTOR WHO head honcho Steven Moffat, also had his usual teaser by saying there will be ‘tremendous surprises’ but:

“They wouldn’t be surprises if I accidentally said them now, would they?” and he added “But I promise you, we’re going to take over television.”

Excited? We are! We’ll bring you all the latest news, as and when it’s released, and don’t forget that our blog will pick up again once the second half of the new Season 7 continues.


Source: BBC