A few years ago, Pixar had plans to release a film called NEWT that centered around a (you guessed it) newt that is forced together with the last remaining mate of its kind by scientists. The film sounded like a funny, sweet film that could’ve brought some of that Pixar charm that we all love, but alas it will probably never come to fruition due to the release of Fox Animations’ RIO which centres around a rare tropical bird that is forced together with the last remaining mate of its kind by scientists…yeah, Pixar also noticed that the two were probably too similar. This wasn’t the first time that Pixar had been in this situation, Pixar having feuded with Dreamworks over the similarities between A BUG’S LIFE and ANTZ, however it seems like Pixar conceded defeat this time around and shelved their project before it could ever go that far.

Now we have an opportunity to see what could’ve been, as one of Pixar’s illustrators on the project, Katy Wu, has released a whole bunch of artwork. It all looks very beautiful, and although it’s difficult to see what the story would’ve been exactly, it does give a sense of some of the characters within the film (the huge toad looks awesome). Check them out below and let us know what you think. If you are interested in seeing even more artwork from NEWT, check out this facebook page.









Source: Katy Wu