Hoping to steal the limelight left vacant by the conclusion of THE TWILIGHT SAGA, fingers crossed Stephenie Meyer’s latest love-triangle novel THE HOST, will be in better big-screen hands with writer/director Andrew Niccol. Nobody wants another shower of shite after the eye-rolling monotony of the aforementioned features. Not even the legions of fans that followed the bed-breaking adventures of Stella (or whatever her bloody name was) and her sad-sap vampire stalker Ted.

THE HOST will see Saoirse Ronan star as Melanie Stryder, a young women with the rare ability to battle with the parasitic alien soul inside her after most of humanity has succumbed. As is customary with Meyer’s work, two hunks must wrestle in sugar-free Angel Delight for the right to look-longingly into the eyes of our heroine for the remainder of the movie.

The film hits cinemas from the 22nd of March (29th for US moviegoers) and here we have the latest poster and banner artwork. No sign yet of any footage of said studs in tasty Angel Delight action.





THE HOST co-stars Max Irons, Jake Abel, Diane Kruger, William Hurt, Boyd Holbrook, Bokeem Woodbine and Frances Fisher.

Source: Yahoo!

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