James Franco will be hitting the snow, at least in celluloid form, at this month’s Sundance Film Festival with his “remake” of the  1980s Al Pacino movie CRUISING, the first trailer for which, has just hit the web. I put the word “remake” in quotation commas and do that annoying thing with my fingers in each hand, as the film is not a true remake of the original movie as Franco couldn’t nab the rights to it. Instead, the movie, entitled INTERIOR LEATHER BAR, re-imagines a lost 40 minutes of footage from the 1980 movie, and said to feature actual gay sex. Those 40 minutes were apparently removed before the film was released for it to get an American ‘R’ rating rather than the dreaded ‘X’.

Franco is listed as co-directing with Travis Mathews, who also wrote the script. Both appear in the film, which took two days to shoot, and two months to edit. It is also said to have the aforementioned X-rating, or whatever the equivalent is these days.

Intrigued? Here’s the trailer.

Source: You Tube