Dark Nature Director: Marc De Launey

Starring: Imogen Toner, Niall Greig Fulton, Vany Eadie, Len McCaffer, Callum Warren-Brooker

Running Time: 76 minutes

Certificate: 15

Extras: The Making Of DARK NATURE, Short Film: The Last Noel, Short Film: Contorted Hazel, Trailer

Three years ago Marc De Launey directed DARK NATURE, a film set in the Scottish wilderness. Following a Cineworld release in 2009 it finally lands on DVD on the last day of 2012.

Jane (Eadie), her children Chloe (Toner) and Sean (Warren-Brooker), and partner Alex (McCaffer) head to Scotland to visit her Mother. Unknown to them she has been killed, along with her partner. Searching for her the family soon learn her fate, and enter a fight for their lives.

Bloody hell, where to start with DARK NATURE. Undoubtedly one of the worst films you are likely to see with a wafer-thin plot stretched far beyond its capabilities, along with the dreadful cast. This is low budget, but that is no excuse for a film where nothing happens of note until the 61 minute mark – 15 minutes from the end – and a conclusion both underwhelming and morally rotten.

Director Marc De Launey and writer Eddie Harrison have attempted to craft an old school style thriller, minus the thrills, and have ended up with a meander around the grounds of a Scottish house with some people popping up every now and then, blurting out silly dialogue, and looking at insects. In fact the insects are probably the most believable thing on show.

DARK NATURE is awfully dull, lifeless and embarrassingly performed. It’s 76 minutes offer not one redeeming aspect, which is both incredible and soul-destroying. Avoid like the Norovirus.

Extras: A 27 minute making of features an interview with the director and a look at certain scenes, whilst the shorts are much better than the feature on the disc.

1 Star NewDARK NATURE is available on DVD now