Well, Marvel’s AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (the pointless title change we here in the UK had to endure after being considered not clever enough to decipher between the famous superhero squad and that of a box-office disaster based on a 1960s TV show) was both a commercial and critical success thanks to ‘Geek God’ Joss Whedon. The terrific cast involved also played their part, as did a super CGI’ed ‘green mean’ Hulk who, for me (and I suspect many others), stole the show.

The action-packed, epic adventures of Tony Stark, Steve Rodgers, Bruce Banner and Thor may have appeared in many a Christmas stocking via DVD and Blu-ray over the festive period, but we’re able to bring you even more Marvel mayhem with this behind-the-scenes look at bringing some significant footage and effects to life!

Source: CBM