March and April

Jennifer Lawrence and co might’ve pretended that they had no idea THE HUNGER GAMES was going to be such a hit, we all knew it and so did the studios. As learned with HARRY POTTER and TWILIGHT, teenagers on a mission and semi-attractive actors secure hysteria; the resultant screaming fans proved this to be true.

He lurks in his Lerkim, cold under his roof, where he makes his own clothes out of miff-muffered moof: rhymes like these have made Dr Seuss a remembered and loved writer. His environmentally minded story THE LORAX was the latest to get the film treatment in March with the help of Betty White, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift. Forward thinking in the 70s the film floundered in 2012, but thanks to the timing of its release made a lot of money.

MIAMI VICE disappointed, A-TEAM excited (a bit), but 21 JUMP STREET really impressed. The funny – Jonah Hill – and sexy –Channing Tatum – combination proved a hit, and the lovely cameo by 21 JUMP STREET alumni Johnny Depp made this TV to film adaptation a box office hit.

The following two films had been named hits before they were even made, and whilst they make the top 5 box office for March they disappointed. CLASH OF THE TITANS sequel WRATH OF THE TITANS saw Sam Worthington angrily save his father Zeus, kept hostage in the underworld by evil baby brother Hades, and is the perfect example of why bad movies should be allowed to die regardless of the dollars they pull in.

Hideously budgeted JOHN CARTER was meant to be a top earner for Disney but barely covered it’s own costs. 79 years in the making the film was probably liked by no more than that amount of people. Reviews weren’t universally bad but the trailer and title left moviegoers confused with what to expect, and underwhelmed by the final product. The Taylor Kitsch experiment didn’t succeed either and a portion of the $250million budget would have been better spent on a bigger name.


While it was being referred to as a “black-rom-com” everywhere else in the world and even got banned in France for ‘lacking diversity’ THINK LIKE A MAN was a huge hit in the states. Similar to HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU the flick is based on how to date guidebook written by Steve Harvey. The hit has warranted a sequel and the possible return of Kevin Hart, Gabriella Union, Jerry Ferrera and all belonging to the wonderful ensemble.

Too many people have asked themselves if another Nicholas Sparks book needs to be turned into a movie but, evidently, there is demand for a surprising yet passionate romance set amid extraneous circumstances. This time a soldier, played by Zac Efron, who believes a picture of woman saved his life during the war sets out to find and thank her. Cue schmaltz and soft focus love scenes.

15 years since James Cameron’s TITANIC broke box office records (since usurped by AVATAR), and what better way to celebrate than a 3D re-release? Well, sadly the cinema going public bought into it and donned silly glasses for a love story set amongst tragedy. Whilst Kate Winslet’s explanation that technology had finally caught up with Cameron’s mind and the 3D justified held water with some it evidently didn’t with co-star Leonardo Di Caprio who shunned the release.

AMERICAN PIE’s success in 1999 surprised everyone, and spawned innumerable sequels. The latest of these, AMERICAN REUNION, focusing on the 4 boys no longer trying to lose their virginities but instead lamenting their lost youth, proved a great standalone film and a box office hit.

Our final April Box office hit sees the classic three stooges physical yet subtle humour desecrated by the Farelly brothers. Dumbed down and dirtified THE THREE STOOGES was still amongst the most seen movies in April. Let’s just hope it prompts people to seek out the originals and experience real talent.

Box Office Round-Up

THE HUNGER GAMES $152,535,747

DR SEUSS’ THE LORAX $70,217,070

21 JUMP STREET $36,302,612

THINK LIKE A MAN $33,636,303


Keep it THN tomorrow and the rest of the week as we round up 2012.