Vin Diesel has confirmed the release date for his sci-fi threequel RIDDICK, the next in the franchise that follows the futuristic adventures of serial-killing antihero, Richard B. Riddick. The PITCH BLACK actor announced via his Facebook page that RIDDICK will arrive in cinemas 6th September 2013 and has also secured an IMAX release (fingers crossed it’s the same for us here in the UK).

RIDDICK will this time have that ruthless and selfish streak back after the bloated shenanigans of THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. Crash landing on a mysterious planet and wanted by every bounty hunter in the universe, RIDDICK alerts those hunting him to his whereabouts, with a survival scheme to see the planets vicious creatures do their worst on the headhunters coming to collect their prize – and hopefully stealing one of their vehicles to make his escape.

David Twohy is once again in the directors chair and below Diesel and his director gave another glimpse of what fans of the character can look forward.


Source: Vin Diesel