Once again, it’s time to pin back your ears, plug in your headsets and turn the volume up to 11 as its time for The Hollywood Booze, your weekly movie podcast from the boys at The Hollywood News.


It’s episode #41 and this week, Paul is away in the Big Apple and Fordy is living it up Down Under, so its up to Dave and Joe to run the show which features  your favourite movie top ten pundown, all of the latest film news, trailer reports and what’s hot at this week’s box-office!

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Paul has been writing for film websites for over ten years. The Hollywood News was born out of love for film and his frustration at not being a very good filmmaker himself. Those who cannot do, write about – or so they say. Aside from the site, Paul has directed a music video (badly), has one credit to his name on the IMDb, enjoys running, driving (now that he has finally passed his test at the age of 33), and of course going to the movies.