Exclusive: Colin Trevorrow Talks More On His ‘Flight Of The Navigator’ Remake

FOTN Remake

Ever since Colin Trevorrow was announced as the man behind Disney’s FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR, we’ve been very interested at THN to see what he will do with the 1986 cult classic. I personally remember the film with great fondness from my childhood, and although I think it’s an unexpected one to take on, I’m eager to see if they can make it a smoother, more cohesive film event. The original still looks amazing, when you consider the resources at the time and now Trevorrow is keen to point out his reasons for re-making this and what we can expect.

The one thing we know, it’s a way off at the moment but they’re all taking it very seriously at Disney, Trevorrow had this to say:

“I have two more movies to make before Navigator. As far as what we’re going to do with it, it’s not so much that I can’t talk about it but we haven’t found it yet… we’ve written a draft but we’re going to write a dozen drafts. (Co-writer) Derek (Connolly) and I are very much committed to the process, what they are doing at Pixar at the moment. They’ll have a version of a movie and look at what works and then just rip the whole thing apart and start again… that’s how we’re approaching this movie.”

And Colin on how they’re approaching the narrative, plus how much they understand it’s got to be right:

“There are a million different ways you can do it and maybe ten of those will be good. And so out of them which is the one that we’re going to choose. What we do know is why we are making the movie, we know what the themes are and we know why we care about that story and that is something that drew me to it from a very young age.  The original was one of those movies that I had on VHS and watched like 30 times.”

He also spoke about FOTN’s cult status, which is exactly how I first saw it!

“It’s an interesting film because it wasn’t successful when it came out and made like 17 million dollars and it’s something that most people were introduce to on video but it’s also something that had an almost intangible attraction and it has stuck with people.”

And finally…will there be any cameos?

“I don’t know about cameos yet. I am a huge Paul Reubens fan but I don’t know… ya know, it is so hard for me to think about anything beyond the story right now… so we’re just trying to figure out the story… then we can think about that…”

Whether any old names will be added, only time will tell, I’d recommend an original character voice for an Alien creature or maybe their older brother, or Dad if the story runs similarly underneath? You can use that idea. Overall, this is undoubtedly a story with room to breath so it’s a great opportunity to give it a whole new life and audience!

As ever, we’ll keep you up-to-date with all FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR news, see you later…

Colin Trevorrow’s SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED opens on December 26th in the UK.

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