Acclaimed actor Hugh Laurie is an absolute jewel in the encrusted crown that is the British film industry, and has starred in countless roles in films, television and theatre both sides of the pond, not to mention his more recent music career where he adds yet another string to his bow! Now, you can catch him starring as David Walling in THE ORANGES, in UK and Irish cinemas from 7th December.

THE ORANGES tells the story of two families; the Walling’s and the Ostroff’s who are thrust in to a moral dilemma when the eldest Ostroff daughter Nina (Leighton Meester) embarks on an affair with patriarch of the Walling household David (Laurie), old enough to be her father. This quirky, off-beat comedy also stars Hollywood favourites Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt, and sheckshy heart-throb Adam Brody.

Here, we take a look at some of Hugh Laurie’s most famous roles which have taken him from his native Blighty to star-spangled Hollywood… including a few appearances which you possibly might have missed!

Blackadder – Various (1982-2008)

This side of the pond (for those over the age of 30), Hugh Laurie is best known as the bumbling, foppish and well-spoken Prince/Lieutenant/Major/Consul (depending on the pocket of time the episode is set in!) in the various roles he played in legendary television series Blackadder.

101 Dalmatians – Jasper (1996)

The classic tale of the (many) Dalmatian puppies stolen by the evil Cruella de Vil for her love of spotted fur and the quest to retrieve them. Laurie plays Jasper, who alongside his fellow crony Horace (Mark Williams) aid de Vil in her malevolent schemes.

Stuart Little – Mr Frederick Little (1999)

When the Little family adopt a dear little mouse named Stuart he embarks on an adventure to gain acceptance and find his place in the human world. Laurie plays Stuart’s adoptive father Frederick Little in this heart-warming children’s classic.

Maybe Baby – Sam Bell (2000)

Laurie plays one half of a seemingly perfect couple who have it all, except the thing they want the most – a baby. The film tracks their efforts to try and conceive, from creative lovemaking to new age chanting prompting Sam to create a screenplay based on their baby-making trials and tribulations.

House – Dr Gregory House (2004-2012)

Laurie plays medical maverick, Doctor Gregory House, an arrogant doctor addicted to pain-killers. Think loveable rogue meets Einstein; Doctor House has a talent for diagnosing the un-diagnosable but his personal skills leave a lot to be desired. This drama has had a total of 8 successful seasons and Laurie’s performance as Dr House is so convincing that many believe him to actually be an American!

And he’s not just been in blockbusters don’t cha know! Here are some little Laurie treats that you might have missed with the video proof accompanying!

Friends “The One With Ross’s Wedding Part 2” – The Gentleman on the Plane (1998)

When Rachel decides to fly to London and attend Ross’s wedding at the last minute, she finds herself sitting next to a British gentleman (Laurie) who resolves to disagree with anything and everything she says. Including the fact that it really did sound like Ross and Rachel were “on a break!”

Annie Lennox Music Video “Walking on Broken Glass” – The Prince Regent (1992)

You might have missed Hugh Laurie’s appearance in Annie Lennox’s music video, as a regency prince complete with Georgian makeup -perhaps a throwback or a nod to his Blackadder days? John Malkovich also cameos in this oddly melodramatic video…

Spice World – Poirot (1997)

1997 saw the release of the Spice Girl’s movie Spice World when ‘girl power’ was at its most powerful. Laurie makes a cameo appearance as famous detective sleuth Hercule Poirot, who almost blames Baby Spice Emma Bunton for weapons-packing, until she smiles innocently and prompts him to instead accuse an innocent man of the crime.

THE ORANGES is  in UK cinemas from Friday 7th December 2012.