The impressive cast and crew involved in this sci-fi/fantasy thriller based on Stephenie Meyer’s bestseller THE HOST, should be enough to ensure it’s nowhere near the eye-rollling tepidness of THE TWILIGHT SAGA. GATTACA and IN TIME writer/director Andrew Niccol is known for putting the ‘smarts’ in his scripts. so hopefully there are no ‘longing-looks’ or shirtless (wooden) hunks taking up half the running time (and fingers crossed the lead actress, Saoirse Ronan isn’t as depressed as that Stewart floozy).

The film centres on Melanie Stryder who is injected with a parasitic alien soul after an invasion allows these lifeforms to take over the planet. Instead of carrying out the alien race’s mission of taking over the Melanie (like all others), “Wanda” (as this soul comes to be known) forms a bond with her host and sets out to free other humans.

Check out these new stills from the film set for cinemas 29th March 2013 and look as if they could have come from anywhere from SPIDER-MAN to EQUILIBRIUM to THE PHANTOM MENACE, not to mention bloody TWILIGHT. My hopes are dashed!

THE HOST co-stars Max Irons, Jake Abel, William Hurt, Diane Kruger, Francis Fisher, Boyd Holbrook and Bokeem Woodbine.