Science-fiction sleeper hit PITCH BLACK was one genre film that impressed me during its initial release in 1999. I’ve written many times about my passion for Vin Diesel’s ruthless conflicted character Richard B. Riddick and his cool-as-fuck pair of adjusted eyes. The overblown sequel THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, while no means a dire effort, attempted to make his mysterious serial-killing anti-hero, a cuddly father figure and taking away the well structured traits built-up throughout the franchise opener.

Well, we’re promised he’ll be back to his selfish best when David Twohy’s threequel, simply-titled RIDDICK, sees the hunted intergalactic outlaw crash land on a planet filled with unspeakable horrors. His plan is to notify the bounty hunters after his head to his whereabouts and steal one of their ships to make his escape.

Here we have the terrific first poster for the film still awaiting a confirmed release date but is expected around Spring 2013.

Source: CBM