His DAREDEVIL idea may have been knocked down and left for dead by 20th Century Fox, but that hasn’t deterred director Joe Carnahan from approaching another comic-book adaptation. We previously reported Carnahan was looking towards an adaptation of NEMESIS, but it now looks as though he will take on UNDYING LOVE. Based on the books by Tom Cokker and Daniel Freedman, UNDYING LOVE sees an ex-soldier fall in love with a woman, only to discover she is a vampire. He must then kill her creator in order to free her from immortality.

PIRANHA 3D director, Alexandre Aja, was originally set to direct but now Carnahan will write and direct for Warner Bros. Carnahan recently talked about UNDYING LOVE, and how it will be different from his previous efforts:

I really took to it, and the metric I use is how fast I come up with ideas and an outline, and this brought about a bunch of ideas. It is a little out of my wheelhouse, taking place in China with mysticism and swordplay, but there is a lot of potential here.

With a low budget film called STRETCH and a possible DEATH WISH remake also rumoured to be on Carnahan’s To-Do List, we have no idea where or when this film may start production, but let’s hope it can give vampiric romance some balls again.

Source: Collider