Perhaps it’s the doubt surrounding the convictions of those accused that makes the real-life murder of notorious gangland heavies Tony Tucker, Pat Tate and Craig Rolfe, so fascinating and intriguing. While we’ve already had countless books on the subject – one made into the decent Sean Bean and Tom Wilkinson-starring feature, ESSEX BOYS, THE FALL OF THE ESSEX BOYS will mark the fourth attempt at bringing the horrific events to the screen, following RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER and BONDED BY BLOOD (both based on the novels of Carlton Leach and Bernard O’Mahoney respectively).

Paul Tanter directs this new version of the events that led to that gruesome discovery on the morning of the 6th December 1995 in Rettendon, Essex. He reunites with his RISE & FALL OF A WHITE COLLAR HOOLIGAN lead Nick Nevern, who takes the role of supergrass Darren Nicholls, the man whose ‘confessions’ landed drug-dealing associates Jack Whomes and Michael Steele, a life behind bars despite some flimsy evidence. Whatever the truth, they were all obviously ‘orrible caaants’.

Only time will tell if it will better previous efforts, but in the meantime check out the first trailer below!

THE FALL OF THE ESSEX BOYS is expected in cinemas early next year and co-stars Robert Cavanah, Tony Denham, Kierston Wareing, Simon Phillips, Jay Brown, Kate Magowan and Peter Barrett.