Alright, so it’s just a brief second or two of huge robot action, and most likely in its pre-viz state. But still. I’m excited so perhaps you will be too. Visual effects company Mirada, an outfit lead by the director of PACIFIC RIM, Guillermo Del Toro, have just released a showreel of their work which demonstrates clips from many of Del Toro’s previous works.

However, there is one clip which is unrecognisable, and that’s of a giant robot firing missiles from its arm. PACIFIC RIM deals with big-ass robots piloted by humans used to destroy huge monsters. PACIFIC RIM or not, this is still a wonderful showreel of a fantastic companies brilliant work. See the footage below, with giant robot making an appearance at 1:15.

PACIFIC RIM is released 12th July 2013. It stars Idris Elba, Ron Perlman, Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi and Charlie Day.

Source: SciFilm Net