Now that THE TWILIGHT SAGA has concluded, what does Stephenie Meyer have to do but kick her heels? Well, she won’t be staying away from the red carpet for long, as another of her novels has been adapted to the silver screen. THE HOST, directed by Andrew Niccol and starring Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel, tells the story of an alien being which takes over a human body, only to form a bond with its ‘host’. With a complex narrative and a large, popular cast, this will most likely be nicknamed ‘the next TWILIGHT’ (how imaginative!). However, news has come in that a key character may already have been cast…and it’s ruined the surprise for fans. Of course, don’t read on if you don’t want to have the film/book spoiled.

It has been reported that a certain key character (going by the name of ‘Pet’) has been cast, with SUCKER PUNCH star Emily Browning taking the role:

‘Though this hasn’t been officially confirmed and should be considered a rumor for all intents and purposes, a reliable source tells us that Australian actress Emily Browning plays the pivotal role of ‘Pet’.

It is unclear (unless you’ve read the book, obviously) what kind of a role Pet plays in THE HOST’s story, but according to the source she appears near the end.

What do you think about Browning’s ‘potential’ casting? Let us know!

Source: Up And Comers

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  1. So if sequels are made, Wanda will be played by Emily Browning and Saoirse Ronan will just be playing Melanie, instead of both, like in this movie.