Since nearly everyone who has seen an episode of THE SIMPSONS has fallen in love with the quirky, yellow family, it’s no surprise that comedy genius Judd Apatow (KNOCKED UP, FREAKS AND GEEKS) loves them too. So much so that he’s to script an episode of the long-running cartoon, based on something he wrote over 20 years ago!

Apatow was caught talking about his upcoming project while out promoting his new film THIS IS 40. When asked about the history of his SIMPSONS script, he said,

‘After only five SIMPSONS episodes aired, I sat down and tried to write one when I was in my early twenties. And what it was about was they went to see a hypnotism show and at the hypnotism show, they made Homer think he was the same age at Bart. And then the hypnotist had a heart attack. So now Homer and Bart became best friends and they spent the rest of the show running away because Homer didn’t want responsibility and didn’t want to be brought back to his real age. So I basically copied that for every movie I’ve made since.’

He’s also been quoted on Conon O’Brien’s THE AV CLUB saying that he wrote the script ‘exactly 22 years ago’.

So what do you guys think? Are you fans of Apatow? What do you think of his potential plot?

Source: SlashFilm/The AV Club