We’ve all had our thoughts about the prospect of a new trio of STAR WARS efforts after Disney picked up Lucasfilm. With TOY STORY 3 scribe Michael Arndt confirmed as writer for the first and most probably a further two, considering the 50 page treatment that got him the gig and mapped out a three film projection. As all eyes have turned to a director, with names being bandied about to iconic filmmakers such as Spielberg, Tarantino and Brad Bird but they’ve all gone on record to say they aren’t interested.

We recently brought news that producer Frank Marshall had confirmed EPISODE VII was down to two candidates with THE ROCKETEER and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER’S Joe Johnston expected as one of those names. One other surprising name that keeps cropping up, and considering his only live-action film was the modestly budgeted sci-fi comedy SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED (released in the UK on the 26th December), is Colin Trevorrow. Could this relatively unknown director be set to take on the worlds most beloved epic space saga franchise? Make of this what you will when being interviewed and asked about future plans…

As far as professional life, I can’t speak with any specificity as to what the next thing will be. There are amazing opportunities that have arisen as a result of this. One of them, I will say, will probably create a great deal of ire against me on the Internet when people find out what it is. So, I just want to say in advance that I promise you, for all of those who love the mythology that I will be tackling, trust that I love it as much as you do. And I will respect it, and hopefully make it not suck.

I think we have our first clue. We’ll keep you posted!

UPDATE: Trevorrow has since downplayed this speculation via Twitter with the response:

To clarify, there is another film we all love that I’m currently trying not to mess up. Odds I will direct Episode VII: 3720 to 1

Speculation is being rumoured at anything from a Marvel film, PROMETHEUS/ALIENS sequel and JURASSIC PARK 4

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  1. […] A big hit on the US festival circuit, science-fiction time-travel comedy SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED will finally arrive in the UK on Boxing Day. The film is the directorial debut of Colin Trevorrow who was recently linked to STAR WARS EPISODE VII, although he played down those rumours, he did confirm he is set to helm a mystery big-budget project featuring some iconic characters and ‘mythology’ (read his comments here). […]