Yes, we’re going to mention the dreaded C word, Christmas…of course! If you need some inspired inspiration or potential possibilities, we’re here to throw some thoughts your way to try and help clear those present-idea cobwebs! So, you know someone who loves their movies but looking for something a little more inventive? Well then, we highly recommend the truly original Dark Bunny Tees!

It’s run solely by the creative-minded Alex Chenery whose T-Shirt designs are taken straight from the screen but with a twist of genius as he picks out fictional characters and places but gives them a new life. We promise you that cinema lovers the world over will share and appreciate this mutual, deeper understand of that distinctive world created on the big screen. Heck, even the mighty Simon Pegg is a fan saying his work is “Infinite Sartorial Cool” and if the Peggster is on board, well so are we.

Just before we share some of our personal favourites, here’s a little insight into Dark Bunny Tees from the man himself, Alex:

I’m a huge fan of the movie t-shirt and my goal was to create designs that were a little different. While many other companies concentrate on fictional business / location logos, my mission was to find something in my favourite movies that I could put my own spin on. Something not directly referenced in the movie itself, but a design that portrays something that could have happened in an alternative universe.

Check out some of his designs below and for more, click anywhere along here to visit the website, view the brilliance and pick your favourite!

Who doesn’t love BACK TO THE FUTURE?

Or the classic GHOSTBUSTERS!

How about a Christopher Nolan inspired THE DARK KNIGHT Tee:

Not forgetting…hasta la vista, baby! It’s the TERMINATOR:


Oh, did we say these T-Shirts are an incredibly great prize and limited edition as well? We completely agree with him on this:

As a mega movie fan myself, I am always to drawn to the special editions and limited edition releases of my favourite films. Why shouldn’t that work for t-shirts? I like the idea of owning and wearing something that very few people have, yet fellow movie buffs will give that sly nod to as you pass them in the street.

These are just a small selection of a mightily impressive range, for a whole load more including all their Movie T-Shirts, Nostalgia Tees for those game fanatics, plus perfect poster designs and even some T-Shirts for the little ones in your life!

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