Director: John Dahl

Writer: Meredith Stiehm

Breakdown: Brody meets with Roya whilst wired; clearly ill at ease Roya isn’t forthcoming to Brody’s requests for information about Gettysburg. Saul visits Aileen in prison to get an ID on the unidentified man, willing to co-operate in exchange for a room with a view Saul becomes emotionally attached but get’s a name.

Brody tells Jess he killed Tom Walker en route to a Presidential fundraiser. Here Dana and Finn tell their mothers of the hit and run – Finn is sent home, whilst Dana plans to inform the police.

Getting an ID and address from Aileen, Saul sends a team led by Peter to detain Mohammed Al Ghamdi – who we learn is actually a musician. Speculating the reason why Aileen lied, Saul realises too late to stop her killing herself.

Brody takes Dana to the station; accosted by Carrie who dissuades him from allowing Dana’s confession, Brody is left fuming as Dana storms off.

Opinion On Episode: After a lean couple of weeks where the series has threatened to implode, 2.7 brings HOMELAND back to normality. The Saul/Aileen arc seems entirely pointless, but the focus on his reaction adds importance. Brody’s reaction to Carrie at the end of the episode brings him full circle and we’re back to guessing what he is thinking.

What Will Happen Next? Brody’s frustrations seem likely to boil over – his next meet with Roya will be fascinating. Saul looks set to become a central character again; his determination to see justice for the six agents lost knows no boundaries. The quietest part of the episode, Jess learning Brody killed Tom Walker, will undoubtedly prove to be the most pivotal, and could come from nowhere to sidetrack VP Walden’s campaign. It’s been a few weeks, but I’m back to having no clue what the writers have in store.

Rating: 4/5 A pleasing return to form. It doesn’t hit the heights of 2.2, but we’re getting there.