Aaron Sorkin – the Oscar-winning screenwriter behind (most recently) THE SOCIAL NETWORK, MONEYBALL and THE NEWSROOM – has revealed that his upcoming biopic on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will be made up of only three scenes!

While talking at the Hero Summit on Thursday, Sorkin let slip that the ‘entire movie is going to be three scenes, and three scenes only, that all take place in real time.’ He then went on to explain that each scene depict an event ‘all set right before three major product launches’: the Macintosh computer in 1984, the NeXT Cube in 1990 and the iPod (2001).

But how does Sorkin collect all this insider information? Well, according to The LA Times, he’s been meeting with different figures who were all very close to Jobs, including Jobs’ original Apple partner (and DANCING WITH THE STARS alum) Steve Wozniak. ‘I’ve been able to talk to these people who revere him in spite of the fact that he made all of them cry at one point or another. But he made all of them better at what they were doing,’ said Sorkin. No word whether he’s chatted to third Apple founder Ronald Wayne, who gave up his shares for a mere $2,300…

Source: The Daily Beast/The LA Times